Does T-mobile replace screen protectors?

This blog post will give you an idea of whether T-Mobile replaces screen protectors. It also gives you information related to other device protection services offered by T-Mobile. From this article, you will get an idea about how device protection plans can help you and what all services T-Mobile repair and replacement stores offer. 

Does T-Mobile replace screen protectors?

Yes, T-Mobile replaces screen protectors.  if you are a Device protection customer you have the facility of unlimited screen replacement. You will not only get a new screen protector if the old one is damaged but also will be put by T-Mobile for free. T-Mobile also provides screen repair services at their service stores. T-Mobile has recently made an announcement that now it will have an in-store repair facility for its users. The services will be provided by certified experts from the industry.

What’s Protection <360> 

●      As T-Mobile has promised in-store repair and replacement in most cities, you can visit the store to get the device repaired or replaced. You can file a claim before visiting the expert at the store. This will save time and make sure the staff is ready with the equipment for repair.

●      To file a claim, you can just Visit


●      Call Assurant at 1-866-866-6285

●      After filing the claim just schedule an appointment at T-Mobile device service stores near your place.

Things you need to be ready with before you apply for the claim:

  • All the details related to the device you are claiming for, like model serial number, damage related details as well, like what and when happened
  • Have the credit card and checking info ready, if the service fee is applicable.
  •  You also need your T-Mobile PIN, user ID, and password as you will have to enter information related to the claimant and primary account holder.
  • If your claim is approved, you will have to give your shipping address for the shipment of your replacement device

What is T-Mobile in-store repair service:

● T-Mobile claims that the repair and services will be fast and reliable as only manufacturer-approved components will be used and will be performed by industry-certified technicians.

●      T-Mobile also has a protection program called Protection <360>.

●    If you have Protection <360> or device protection, you will get a same-day repair from certified experts from the industry.

●   T-Mobile nullifies the warranty for screen shatter and cracked mobile but if you are a device protection customer; you can claim at their official site and book an appointment at a nearby T-Mobile repair store.

What to do in case of Device damage:

  • If your device passes the condition check, T-Mobile processes warranty, returns, or exchanges.
  • If you have jumped! ®, JUMP on Demand, you will be charged a fee or will be evaluated for a lower value.
  • For screen damaged devices the trade-ins can offer partial value, without promotions.
  • The Protection<360> devices can get their device replaced by placing a claim.

Return through mail:

When you send the device to Warehouse, they will check the condition of your device, If they find it damaged, a fee might be charged on your bill or reduced trade-in value will be offered.

The device will be shipped back to you if you are a prepaid customer.

Return through Retail:

The device will be checked by a mobile expert at retail. The expert will suggest to you the options you can choose from if the device is damaged.

How to check your device condition

Screen & LCD damage jumped in most cases, warranties are nullified in case of Screen damage. So it’s important to inspect your device.

●      Remove the covers and screen protectors on the device, and start inspecting the device in a good light by tilting at multiple angles.

●      You might find screen damages like, actual screen cracked, glass which is connected to screen might have chips or cracks, the screen might be shattered or crushed or the display might be not readable.

●      T-Mobile might nullify the warranty if you have gotten screen replacement or repair from an unauthorized third party.

●      If you have Protection <360> or T-Mobile device protection, you can process a claim on T-Mobile’s site in case of screen damage.

 Liquid damage

●      LDI (Liquid damage Indicator) is found in mobile devices which indicates if the device has come in contact with any liquids.

●      LDI might be located differently on different devices.

●      If your LDI is white, it indicates the device is not liquid damaged.

●      Pink LDI indicates the device has been exposed to some liquid.

●      If your LDI is tampered with or is completely missing, the warrant of the device might be nullified as in many cases unauthorizes third-party repairs remove the LDI.

●      Batteries swell if the device is liquid damaged.

●      If you have Protection <360> or T-Mobile device protection, you can process a claim on T-Mobile’s site in case of liquid damage.

Repair or replace a damaged device

In case of a damaged device, you can claim for getting your device either repaired or replaced.

In most cases, warranties are nullified in case of Screen damage and liquid damage.

If you have Protection <360> or T-Mobile device protection, you can process a claim on T-Mobile’s site in case of screen damage.

If your device has JUMP! ® or JUMP on Demand, you will be charged a fee or will be evaluated for a lower value.

You can also contact the device manufacturer to check if they offer to repair the equipment which is damaged

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This blog gives details about the unlimited screen replacement service by T-Mobile and all the damage-related claims you can make at T-Mobile for your device. This explains all the protection services you get when you subscribe for protection <360>. The article also guides you about how you can claim the damage and replacement and all the information you need for claiming.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Does T-Mobile replace screen protectors?

Does T-Mobile fix Android screens?

Yes, T-Mobile fixes android screens if the devices are eligible, they will be repaired by certified experts from the industry.

Does T-Mobile cover “lost phones”, if you have insurance?

Depending on the device protection plan you have, your device will be eligible for lost phone cover.

 What all services are included in T-Mobile’s basic device protection?

The basic T-Mobile Device protection plan offers accidental damage, liquid damage crack screen, lost device, and stolen device. And unlimited screen protector replacement.

Is a cracked screen covered under T-Mobile?

Yes, T-Mobile covers damages including liquid damage and cracked screens if you have subscribed to T-Mobile’s device protection plan like Protection<360>

How much is it to get a screen protector?

Screen protectors, generally cost between $10- $50 if made up of glass and around $15 if made up of plastic.


T-Mobile Adds In-Store Repairs and More Device Protection Benefits for Customers

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T-Mobile is bringing same-day in-store repairs to more than 500 locations, Samuel Contreras, 16 Sep 2021

T-Mobile will be able to repair phones in-store starting November 1st, By Jacob Siegal