Does mint mobile use a T-Mobile network?

This blog post gives you information on whether mint mobile uses the T-Mobile network. it answers questions like how mint and T-Mobile are related and how can you use mint SIM with T-Mobile and T-Mobile networks.

Does Mint Mobile use a T-Mobile network?

YesMint Mobile uses a T-Mobile network, Mint is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It uses T-Mobile’s widespread network to offer prepaid service. The bill should be paid before you start using the service. Though it uses T-Mobile’s network, T-Mobile doesn’t own it.

Why prefer Mint mobile?

Mint provides plenty of plans suitable to fill every mobile user’s need like family plans, unlimited plans, data plans, and roaming plans and all of it at very affordable prices when compared to other service providers.

Mint and T-Mobile both are amazing carriers, depending on the type of user and user’s expectations from them. The services are going to attract different types of consumers. The choice between the two completely depends on the requirement of the number of lines, budget, roaming services, data requirements, and usage amount.

If you are someone who has a basic requirement from the service provider and has a low budget, Mint is a good option.

Whereas if you have more requirements when it comes to data and wants comparatively good value for money, choosing T- Mobile is the best option as it gives very reasonably priced data plans, especially the family plans when compared to other carriers. T- Mobile gives the best family plans and multiline benefits. The packs might be costlier but offer streaming perks. T-Mobile has the same coverage as Mint as both work on the same network but T-Mobile customers enjoy better speed and performance.

Things to know about Mint:

  • Mint is a very reputable carrier and has received a lot of awards in the mobile virtual network operator category.
  • Mint is the best option for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly service and are not a heavy data user.
  • Mint is a very affordable operator when you pay for more than 3 months at the same time. The more the number of months you pay in advance, the more the benefits and savings. But you do not get any multiline discount.
  • To use mint service, you have to pay in advance as it is a prepaid service and it doesn’t have the option of the monthly payment.
  • Mint supports GSM, so you can use any GSM unlocked phone with it.
  • Mint uses a T-Mobile network, hence sometimes might be deprioritized if there is network traffic.
  • If your device is 5G compatible, Mint supports the 5G network of T-Mobile.
  • Mint doesn’t offer any streaming perks.
  • The best option for the single line but doesn’t offer family plans.
  • It doesn’t allow international roaming.
  • Allows international calling for over 60 countries.
  • For now, Mint gives a 5GB free hotspot allowance.
  • As it works on T-Mobile, the mint customers might receive less priority over T-mobile customers at the time of heavy network traffic.

How to activate Mint SIM:

Once you have your activation kit with a Mint sim card, the activation process is very simple

  • Insert your Mint SIM card into an unlocked compatible device
  • Go to on your desktop.
  • When asked enter the activation number, which is mentioned at the back of your SIM card holder.
  • You do get a facility to keep your old number, you can either go for a new number or keep the old one.
  • Enter the billing details and finish creating the account.
  • Go to the settings of your device and configure the data settings.
  • Restart the phone.

How to check the coverage map for Mint :

  • Go to link on your computer or mobile phone.
  •  When prompted type the area or zip code and press enter, you also have a dropdown list showing all the areas to choose from
  • You will get the map showing the coverage in different shades of green.
  •  You can move the map; you just need to tap and hold to drag.
  • To get coverage information in detail you just need to tap on the location and it gives you a pop-up.
  • To zoom in use +, to zoom out use – or just pinch

Is 5G available for mint mobiles?

As mint uses T-Mobile’s network, it does support 5G as T-mobile is the largest 5g service provider. 5G is available for more than 6000 cities for mint users.

Before opting for mint, you can go to the official website of mint to verify its service in your area.

Can you use Mint SIM in T-Mobile?

Yes, you can use Mint SIM with T-Mobile. In fact, using mint SIM with a T-mobile device is the best option as Mint works on T-mobile networks.  you just need to make sure it is compatible with Mint eSIM and is unlocked.

Eligibility criteria to unlock T-mobile phone

  • One can unlock T-mobile phone devices, provided that the following criteria are satisfied.
  • The cell phone must be sold by T-mobile.
  • The cell phone should not be reported as blocked or lost.
  •  An account concerned with the device must be active.
  • Depending upon prepaid or postpaid plans, the device should satisfy all necessary unlock requirements.

How to Unlock a T-mobile device?

  • In order to unlock a T-mobile phone, you need to enter an unlock code.
  • The following steps are used to unlock the T-mobile device.
  •  First, check whether your cell phone is eligible for unlocking. It mainly depends on GSM and CDMA carriers.
  • Request customer care for unlocks code.
  •  Insert a blocked SIM and switch on the device.
  •  Press the select key and enter unlock code.

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Can you use Mint SIM in T-Mobile?


This blog post gives you details about how mint uses the T-Mobile network and gives an idea that both mint and T-Mobile are good choices and will attract different types of users. It helps you understand how Mint and T-Mobile are related to each other. The post also gives you steps to be followed to verify mint coverage, which will help you make the correct decision before getting a mint SIM.

Frequently Asked Questions: Does mint mobile use a T-Mobile network?

Is Mint compatible with T-Mobile?

Yes, Mint mobile uses T-Mobile’s GSM-based network, any phone which is GSM-based can be used with mint SIM as long as it is unlocked

Can I switch from T-Mobile to Mint Mobile?

Yes, you can switch from T-mobile to mint mobile, but even mint mobile uses T-mobile’s network so switching will not make a lot of difference when it comes to coverage.

Does T-Mobile have a mint SIM?

T-Mobiles are compatible with mint SIM, both use GSM, as long as your T-mobile is not locked to a particular carrier, you can use mint SIM with the T-mobile device.

Are T-Mobile and mint mobile the same?

Mint is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It is a prepaid service that uses T-Mobile’s network. T-mobile doesn’t own mint mobile, it just offers service to it.

What carriers work with Mint-Mobile?

Mint mobile can be used on GSM networks like AT&T T-Mobile, so make sure you are buying a GSM device so that it’s compatible with these carriers. Mint doesn’t have its own network; it uses T-Mobile’s network.

What phones are compatible with Mint Mobile?

Most of the 5G • 4G LTE and VoLTE devices are compatible with Mint.

If you are not sure about the compatibility of your phone you can go to to verify.

There are two ways of doing it

  • By entering the Brand and model number of your device
  • By entering the IMEI number

Can I transfer the T-Mobile number to Mint Mobile?

Yes, at the time of activation you can opt for “Transfer my number”, keep the information handy as they might ask you for some details related to your old carrier.

Does Mint Mobile use eSIM?

Mint mobile does have eSIM, The old customers who want eSIM can log into the Mint app, go to settings find SIM option, and select Replacement SIM

The users new to mint can just apply for eSIM while purchasing the SIM if they have an eligible and unlocked mobile device.


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