Does metro work in Puerto Rico?

This blog post will tell you if  Metro works in Puerto Rico and can purchase Metro in Puerto Rico. The article will also help you find the Metro coverage in your area and guide you about different modes of paying the Metro bill in Puerto Rico

Does metro work in Puerto Rico?

Yes, Metro does work in Puerto Rico. As it works on the T-Mobile network MetroPCS has widespread coverage. In Puerto Rico, you will be able to use MetroPCS but it is not available for purchase.

MetroPCS works on the T-Mobile network and is owned by T-Mobile since 2013 by the name Metroopt-out. But still, the companies work separately and provide individual services. They do share the resources but provide the services independently to their customers.

Even the plans customer care service, phones, promotion, and benefits remain separate for both the companies.

A brief history of Metro pcs

MetroPCS is simply known as Metro.It is a prepaid mobile service provider. But the brand of the metro is owned by T- mobile.

 Earlier it was the 5th largest mobile network in the USA and it was using code-division multiple access (CDMA). In 2015, all customers using the MetroPCS CDMA network were migrated to their LTE network.

At that time T-Mobile had about 32 million subscribers and MetroPCS had around 9 million subscribers. In 2018, T-Mobile relaunched the new brand as Metro by T-Mobile.

When the name was changed; T- mobile subscribers had increased to 75 million and Metro’s mobile subscribers to 18 million. Nowadays Metro PCS is simply known as Metro by T-Mobile.

Metro ( formerly MetroPCS)  offers almost the same features as that of T- mobile, at lower prices. It makes use of T-Mobile’s network. It is a prepaid service provider. Subscribers can avail a range of plans to match the budgets and the specific needs.

Key features of Metro pcs

● Many plans offered by the metro PCS are cheaper than corresponding T-Mobile plans.

● Availability of a large variety of plans at affordable prices.

● Some data-saving features prevent you from overages.

● Offers a variety of budget phones.

As far as key features are concerned, if you are keen about your budget and least bothered about network congestion, then you should give priority to the Metro PCS.

Transfer the number from other wireless carriers to Metro

To transfer the current phone number from other wireless carriers to Metro, the following prerequisites should be satisfied.

●Gather your current network account information that includes your account number, password or PIN, and Billing zip code.

● The current phone number must be active.

●If the phone number is deactivated, then it must be activated again to transfer to Metro.

●The information for port-out requests sent by Metro must match with information already stored in the system of your current network carrier.

Step to switch to Metro

● Check that your phone is unlocked and compatible with Metro.

● Select MetroPCS plan.

● Get the new SIM card and activate it.

● If you want to continue your existing phone number then inform the MetroPCS representative.

●Insert a new SIM card into your device.

How to check the coverage map for Metro by T-Mobile:

  • Go to link on your computer or mobile phone.
  • When prompted type the area or zip code and press enter, you also have a dropdown list showing all the areas to choose from
  • You will get the map showing the coverage in different shades of purple.
  • You can move the map; you just need to tap and hold to drag.
  • To get coverage information in detail you just need to tap on the location and it gives you a pop-up.
  • To zoom in use +, to zoom out use – or just pinch  
  • If you want to see the 4G LTE coverage just switch off the 5G selection at the top.  

How to pay MetroPCS bill without visiting the store:

Here are the ways of paying your bill by different modes

On MetroPCS website:

  • You can directly visit the MetroPCS website to see all the details related to your accounts like your usage details, plan, and your subscriptions.
  • This is a very convenient way of paying your bills on a desktop.
  • You can go to My Account and make the payment of your bill by using your debit or credit card. you can also save your card in eWallet for future payments.
  • You also get an option of AutoPay which is a very easy and time-saving option. You can find it in the eWallet option in the My Account tab.
  • AutoPay saves your account details and after taking necessary permissions from you makes automatic payment every month.
  • You can also pay your bill without signing in to My Account, by using Express pay. Even this option takes your debit credit card details to make the payment. You can either save the card details for the future or opt-out of it.

On Your Phone:

  • Go to the phone app off your device and dial *99 to make the payment on MetroPCS’s automated system.
  • If you want MetroPCS customer service you can dial 888-8metro8/ 8888638768.
  • You can also dial *611 on your Metro device.

By using the MyMetro app:

  • The MetroPCS customer can use the freely available MyMetro app to make the payment.
  • You can just download the app login by using your credentials and selecting the payment option. The app makes it very easy to access your account, view the usage, bill amount with a due date, and make the payment on the same platform by using your debit or credit card.
  • The app has a lot of other features as well like, checking the balance, data usage, bill amount, last date of payment of the bill. The app comes in very handy while paying bills and changing plans.
  • The app also lets you manage your voicemail password.

By Mail:

You can also mail your payment to the following address.

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. 

PO Box 5119 

Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

MetroPCS customers also have the option of paying the bill in advance for any number of months.

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This blog post helps you understand how you can use Metro in Puerto Rico but can not be purchased, it gives you all the information you need to use Metro in Puerto Rico. The article provides you with the steps of checking the network coverage in your area and explains all the ways by which you can pay your MetroPCS bill without visiting the store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): does metro work in Puerto Rico

Can I use MetroPCS internationally?

MetroPCS does provide you service internationally by using other compatible networks.

Does T-Mobile work in Puerto Rico?

Yes, T-Mobile works In Puerto Rico. T-Mobile outshines the other carriers in Puerto Rico when it comes to service and coverage.

How do I Pay my MetroPCS bill over the phone?

  • Go to the phone app off your device and dial *99 to make the payment on MetroPCS’s automated system.
  • If you want MetroPCS customer service you can dial 888-8metro8/ 8888638768.
  • You can also dial *611 on your Metro device.

Do both Metro PCS and T-mobile have the same network coverage?

Metro PCS makes use of the network of T-Mobile. Ultimately you can avail yourself of the same advantage of network coverage as that of T- mobile subscribers. But in case of network congestion, whenever there is heavy traffic, more priority is given to the T-mobile subscribers.

Are calls to Puerto Rico free with T-Mobile?

Yes, it is a US territory, calls to Puerto Rico are free with T-Mobile.

Is roaming free on MetroPCS?

Domestic roaming is free on MetroPCS. For international roaming you will be charged, It is better to purchase a world-calling add-on by Metro to save some money while traveling internationally.


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