Do You Get Council Tax Reduction At 60?

Individuals owning or renting a home in England, Wales and Scotland are required to pay a council tax; a local taxation system introduced in 1993 to provide internally raised revenue for local authorities. While it remains mandatory for anyone above the age of 18, renting or owning a home, there are two specific reliefs that one may avail:

  • There are “bands” assigned to properties based on their value; the lower the band, the lesser the amount of council tax residents qualify for.
  • Certain conditions make individuals eligible to apply for a council tax reduction. After a self-assessment, claimants may contact their local councils to confirm eligibility and avail of discounts.

A full council tax becomes applicable when there are at least two adults sharing premises. In case they are spouses or partners, they may share the bill. 

Do You Get Council Tax Reduction At 60?

No, you may not become eligible for a council tax reduction at 60 as the tax is not age dependant. This means that while age is not a stand-alone criterion to apply for council tax reduction, there are certainly other factors that may lead to individuals being eligible for a discount on their council taxes.

For instance, one may avail a 25 percent discount on their council tax bill if they are the only adult living in the said premises. However, they must be living on their own or may count as the only adult in the house.

If all the residents of a household do not count as adults, they are eligible for a 50 percent reduction on their council tax bill. To avail of a 100 percent discount, all the residents of a household must be full-time students. 

Should an individual qualify as a state pension claimant, they may then apply for council tax reduction but that age currently stands at 67 years. To check if you qualify for state pension age click here Check your State Pension age – GOV.UK (

For a quick online assessment regarding your eligibility for a council tax reduction, click here to contact your local council office Apply for a Council Tax discount

To learn more about age-based benefits and entitlements, click here Benefits calculator – What benefits am I entitled to? | Age UK 

While it may be so that being 60 years of age does not qualify one for council tax reduction, there is a range of other factors that we will explore in this blog post to assess and understand claimants’ eligibility for the same. These include:

  • the calculation of council tax 
  • ways to avail a council tax reduction
  • exemptions from council tax bills
  • other state benefits available in the UK
  • benefits to avail at age 60 

How Is Council Tax Calculated?

The amount that a resident must pay as council tax may vary across different local councils as they follow individual schemes. However, all of them consider the following factors while assigning an amount:

  • The CTR Scheme followed by the local council. This determines the overall rate of council tax to be paid by residents.
  • The band is assigned to residents’ property through a valuation expert. Currently, there are 8 bands spread across A – H; where band A is assigned the lowest value and band H is assigned the highest rate. To check your council tax band, click on this link Check your Council Tax band – GOV.UK (
  • Any specific condition(s) that qualify residents for a discount on their council tax bill.

How To Avail a Discount On The Council Tax Bill?

Whether residents own or rent their homes, they may qualify for a council tax reduction in their bill, if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • living alone: regardless of financial circumstances, living alone is enough reason to avail of a 25 per cent discount as council tax rates are established on the assumption that each house will comprise of two adults.
  • living with a full-time student: full-time students and student nurses are exempt from council tax bills. Sharing a residence with them qualifies you for a discount.
  • living with someone below 18 years of age: since council taxes are applicable on adults, anyone below the age of 18 does not qualify to be counted as a member of the shared household where council tax is levied.
  • being a carer: while there are additional criteria to be considered her, being a carer for another member of the household for at least 35 hours per week qualifies the individual for a CTR. 
  • changes in home value: if there is a change in the surroundings of your residential property causing a full-time decrease in its value, the council tax band may be lowered by a valuation expert, enabling you to enter a lower band with reduced council tax bills due.
  • the desired mode of payment: while council tax payments are spread over 10 monthly instalments, should you require a change such as 12-month instalments, it will reduce the monthly amount to be paid. On the other hand, should you prefer to pay the annual amount in a lump sum, a bulk payment may also qualify you for a discount.

How To Be Exempted From Paying Council Tax?

To be eligible for complete exemption from council tax payments, one must be able to fall within the below criteria:

  • unoccupied residence due to resident providing or receiving care elsewhere
  • the resident is under hospital care
  • they live in a care home or hostel
  • the resident(s) is mentally impaired; such as suffering from dementia

What Are The Other State Benefits Available in the UK?

While the eligibility criteria remain wide, there is a range of state benefits available in the UK. Interested individuals may simply check their eligibility and apply for all those that may qualify. However, it must be noted that some of these benefits are tax-free while others are not.

Here is a complete list of available state benefits: Income Tax: Tax-free and taxable state benefits

To learn more about eligibility for state benefits, a benefits calculator may help Benefit calculators: what benefits can you get

What Benefits Are Available When You Reach 60?

Even though one may not qualify for a CTR at age 60 (until the specified criteria are met), there are certain other allowances and benefits that men and women living in the UK may be eligible for once they reach the age of 60.

Individuals with at least 30 qualifying years may receive £134.25 per week as the basic state pension. Meanwhile, those individuals who have 35 qualifying years will be entitled to £175.20 per week as the full state pension.

When it comes to medical bills, individuals over 60 are entitled to free dental care and eye tests at the NHS.

FAQs: Do You Get Council Tax Reduction At 60?

What benefits are you entitled to when you reach 60?

While there are no age-based allowances and benefits that men and women living in the UK may be eligible for once they reach the age of 60; especially since they would not qualify for state pension age until they are 67. However certain medical facilities such as free dental care and eye tests may be availed. 

Does age affect council tax?

Age does not have a direct impact on the rate of council tax bills or qualify an individual for any reduction in the same. However, there are certain criteria with regards to individuals living conditions or the value of one’s property that may affect council tax.

Can I get a discount on my council tax?

To avail of a property discount on council tax, one must contact their local council office to confirm eligibility. Factors such as changes in the value of the said property, number of children living in a household, number of adult occupants may have an impact on the rate of discount that a claimant qualifies for. 

Do you pay council tax if you are on universal credit?

People who claim universal credit are required to pay council tax. However, in certain cases, they may be assigned a reduced bill.

How is council tax reduction calculated?

Calculation of council tax rates is dependant upon two key factors; local council scheme that varies from council to council and value of the property which ascertains which value-based band is to be assigned. 


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