Are There Any Council Tax-Free Months In North Tyneside?

This article will help its readers in learning about whether or not there are any council tax-free months in North Tyneside. While we will primarily discuss how council tax payments are spread out during a calendar year, we will also explore ways through which eligible residents can apply for a council tax discount in North Tyneside.

Are There Any Council Tax-Free Months In North Tyneside?

Yes, there are two months of the year which are council tax-free in North Tyneside (as well as the rest of the UK); provided that you pay your council tax in 10 instalments spread out throughout the year.

Council tax bills are raised every year on the 30th date of April. In most cases, residents opt for 10 instalments for their council tax bill payments. These months run from April to January; making February and March council tax-free months.

However, individuals who find it difficult to pay their council tax instalments, sometimes request the local authorities to spread out these instalments over the entire calendar year. While this reduces the amount of council tax they pay each month, residents can no longer avail of a break from their council tax payments in such cases.

To confirm whether or not you are eligible for a council tax break and if your annual council tax bill is spread over 10 or 12 monthly instalments, you should check your council tax bill.

If you are facing problems in paying your council tax bill, you should contact your local council office. They may be able to offer you a convenient payment plan or options to apply for a council tax discount if you qualify for one.

If you wish to contact the North Tyneside council office to learn more about your instalment plan or to make any changes to it, you can contact them in the following ways:

  • Placing a call at 0345 2000 104 between 8.30 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Thursday or between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm on a Friday 
  • Filling out an online form for Council Tax enquiries
  • Posting a letter at North Tyneside Council, Quadrant, The Silverlink North, Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside NE27 0BY
  • Visiting a Customer Service Centre at Killingworth, North Shields, Wallsend or Whitley Bay. you can book an advance appointment by calling 0345 2000 101 

Can You Claim Council Tax Reduction In North Tyneside?

Yes, you can claim a council tax reduction in North Tyneside if you qualify for a council tax reduction. In most cases, residents who are on a low income or claiming welfare benefits from the DWP can get a 100% reduction on their council tax bill. Meanwhile, if all the occupants of a property are under the age of 18 years, they can get a 50% reduction on their council tax bill and adults who live alone can claim a 25% reduction.

If you find it difficult to make your council tax payments on time and are seeking a reduction in your annual bill, you may be able to qualify for a council tax reduction. The discount that you can claim will depend on the following factors:

  • the council district where you live as each council runs its own scheme
  • your circumstances such as income level, welfare benefits claimed, residency status
  • your total household income including your and your partner’s savings and pensions
  • whether or not there are any children living with you and their number 
  • whether or not any other adult(s) lives with you 

If you need assistance from the North Tyneside council office, you can use a simple online form for Council Tax enquiries.

How Can I Apply For A Council Tax Discount In North Tyneside?

You can apply for a council tax discount in North Tyneside by filling out the Council Tax Discount & Exemption Online form posted on the council’s website. However, you would first need to make sure you are eligible to apply for a council tax discount. For this, you can refer to the below-listed criteria outlined by the North Tyneside Council:

  • a full-time student
  • currently in detention
  • living in a hostel
  • a patient living in a hospital, nursing home or residential care home
  • someone responsible for the care of an individual with a disability who is not their spouse, partner or a child under 18 years of age
  • someone who is severely mentally impaired

You may also qualify for a council tax discount in North Tyneside if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • pursuing further education and below 20 years of age
  • aged 18 years and their parent is claiming Child Benefit for them
  • left school or college education and under 20 years of age
  • member of a religious community
  • member of a visiting force or an international headquarters and defence organisation
  • spouse or dependant of a non-British citizen student and disqualified from claiming benefits or working in Britain
  • apprentices who earn less than $195 and Youth Trainees
  • if a household member faces a disability due to which adaptations are made to one’s property


The above discussion has helped to conclude that residents who pay their council tax bills in 10 annual instalments can avail of two months council tax holiday when there are no payments due upon them. With council tax bills spread over April to January, February and March are council tax-free months during which no payments are due unless a resident has opted for a 12-month instalment plan to reduce their monthly council tax bill.


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February and March are the two months of the year when you don’t pay Council Tax