This blog answers the question “Who are the Enfield Councillors for 2022 and how can they help you?” It mentions the results of the 2022 local council elections in which new members of the Enfield Council have taken office in their respective wards. These Councillors are responsible for passing council tax laws in the Council. It illustrates the 8 Council Tax Bands which taxpayers fall into by the value of their property.

What Council Tax Band Limits Are There In Enfield Council?

Here is a table showing the Council Tax band details for Enfield Council:

Council Tax Valuation BandProportion in relation to Band DAmount of tax for Enfield 2022/23Amount of tax for GLA 2022/23Total Council Tax 2022/23

Local Council Elections Enfield 2022

Councillor Doris Jiagge (Upper Edmonton ward) was elected mayor of Enfield on 25th May 2022. You can contact her on this email address The other ward candidates elected to the Enfield Council this May are:

  • Adrian Grumi and Paul Pratt (Conservative Party) For Arnos Grove Ward, Enfield
  • Hivran Dalkaya, Ahmet Hasan and Bektas Ozer (Labour Party) For Brimsdown Ward, Enfield
  • Morineke Adeleke and Mohammed Islam (Labour Party) For Ponders End Ward, Enfield
  • Thomas O Thompson and Julian Sampson (Conservative Party) For Oakwood Ward, Enfield
  • Christine James and Doug Taylor (Labour Party) For Palmers Green Ward, Enfield
  • Thomas Fawns, Margaret Greer and Doris Jiagge (Labour Party) For Upper Edmonton Ward, Enfield
  • Alessandro Giorgiou and Ruby Sampson (Conservative Party) For Cockfosters Ward, Enfield
  • Joanne Laban, Edward Smith and Andrew Thorp (Conservative Party) For Ridgeway Ward, Enfield
  • Peter Fallart, Kathleen Gregory and James Hockney For Bush Hill Park Ward, Enfield
  • Mahmut Aksanoglu, Ayten Guzel and Rick Jewell For Southbury Ward, Enfield
  • Hannah Dyson, Reece Fox and David Skelton For WhiteWebbs Ward, Enfield
  • Lee Chamberlain and Maria Zavros For Winchmore Hill Ward, Enfield
  • Nawshad Ali and Susan Erbil For Carterhatch Ward, Enfield
  • Mahym Bedekova, Mustafa Cetinkaya and George Savva (Labour Party) For Haslebury Ward, Enfield
  • Chinelo Anyanwu, Nesil Caliskan and Alev Cazimoglu For Jubilee Ward, Enfield
  • Suna Hurman, Eylem Yurluk and Sabri Oyazdin For Enfield Lock Ward, Enfield
  • Micheal Rye, James Steven and Emma Supple (Conservative Party) For Town Ward, Enfield
  • Sinan Boztas, Guney Dogan and Elif Erbil (Labour Party) For Lower Edmonton Ward, Enfield
  • Tim Leaver and Nea Stevens (Labour Party) for Highfield ward, Enfield
  • Joshua Abey and Nelly Gyosheva (Labour Party) for New Southgate ward, Enfield
  • Stephanos Ioannou, Chris Joannides and Elisa Morreale (Conservative Party)For Southgate ward, Enfield
  • Abdirahman Abdullahi, Ergin Erbil and Gunes Akbulut (Labour Party) for Edmonton Green Ward, Enfield
  • Christopher Dey and Andrew Milne (Conservative Party) for Grange Park Ward, Enfield
  • Kate Anolue and Esin Gunes (Labour Party) Bullsmoor Ward, Enfield
  • Georgia Needs and Ahmet Oykener (Labour Party) for Bowes Ward, Enfield

My Life Enfield is the Council’s health and social services care website. The Enfield Council helps with school admissions and offers discounts. It also offers free school meals to kids.

The Big London Energy switch helps Enfield residents to save on energy costs by a large amount.

Enfield gets its name from “the land where lambs are reared”. In Roman times Enfield was connected to Londinium by Ermine Street. Enfield has a history of producing guns. Enfield was historically a country of mechanical and electrical engineers.

What kind of social support and financial guidance is provided by the Enfield Council?

  • The Enfield Council provides a disabled persons parking permit (Blue Badge)
  • Better Off Enfield shows the council tax benefits you can avail, these can be applied for online
  • Victims of Domestic Abuse can get help here
  • Public Space Protection Orders at Enfield help the Council control antisocial behaviour with help from the police
  • The Enfield Council offers Community Halls and Venues to be used for private events and community activities

Council Tax Valuation Bands in Enfield Council 2022-23

The following table shows the Council Tax Valuation bands A-F and the amount of tax collected by each of them this year

How bad is Enfield Council’s tax fraud situation?

Enfield Council faces the following types of Council Tax Fraud:

  • Blue Badge Fraud

Not paying legal parking charges by faking a blue badge.

  • Business Rates Fraud
  • Staff Fraud

Employees knowingly colluding to rob the business of assets or cash through faking information.

  • Tenancy Fraud (subletting)

 Subletting is renting out a property by a resident illegally for financial gain without the consent of the landlord


This blog post addressed the question “Who are the Enfield Councillors for 2022 and how can they help you?” The mayor of Enfield for this year is Doris Jiagge. All the newly elected council members will do their best to cut down on council tax fraud and to help out citizens struggling financially with much needed benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : What Council Tax Band Limits Are There In Enfield Council?

I have an account for Millfield theater, leisure bookings, gold, and libraries’ online services, how will these change?

Our aim is for you to have one log-on for all council services to be accessible from your Enfield Connect Account. But for the time being, you will need to use your existing username and password for these services. We will let you when and how things have changed at the appropriate time.

What is the Fair Funding campaign for the Enfield Council and how can I make my voice counted to help it in times of need?

As you are well aware that the government has not allocated funding to cover the extra costs our Council has incurred as a result of supporting businesses and Enfield residents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Leader has written to the Chancellor of The Exchequer on 18th January 2021 asking for help in providing Enfield Council with the remaining £29m it needs to cover the impact of the 2021-22 pandemic.

We believe that the suggestion made in the government’s Spending Review in November 2020 to increase our Council tax, is not helpful as it increases the burden on people and businesses already facing the devastating effects of Covid-19. So we need your commitment to providing us with your name, email, and postcode here , this information will only be used to demonstrate your support for this funding request,

How do you plan to spend the Enfield council budget for 2022-23?

In this year the council will spend £1,223 million of which £139.4 million has been collected from Council Tax, £97.4 million from business rates, and the rest from government grants, guarantees, fees and targets, and other income.

31% will be spent on the dedicated schools grant, 19% on housing benefits. 12% on adult social care and public health, 8% on Regeneration and the Environment, 8% on schools and children’s services, 5% on Community Housing, 5% on customer and support services, 6% on housing revenue and account, 4% on corporate expenditure, 1% on concessionary travel, and 1% on levies.

Your Council Tax payments also help to pay for the Greater London Authority (GLA) which funds and runs the police, fire, and transport services across London.


Enfield Museum

Enfield Heritage Strategy

The Big London Energy Switch

Enfield Whistleblowing policy and procedures

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