Can You Get Council Grants For The Roofing Of Your House?

Replacing a roof can be a significant financial investment, with the average cost ranging from £5,000 to £6,000 for a standard UK home. However, many homeowners wonder if they can obtain a grant to help cover these expenses. This article explores the possibility of getting a grant for roof replacement, the eligibility criteria, the types of grants available, and alternative options for funding.

Can You Get Council Grants For The Roofing Of Your House?

Yes, you can get a council grant for the roofing of your house. This can either include minor or major repairs to your roof or a complete overhaul and replacement of the roofing. However, there are certain eligibility criteria to be met if you are looking for council grants for the roofing of your house.

First and foremost, you should be at least 18 years of age and live in your house as your primary residence if you intend to apply for a council grant for the roof of your house. Secondly, you should be able to provide evidence that you are on a low income and unable to afford the repair or replacement on your own.

If you claim any of the following benefits, there is a strong likelihood for you to be considered for a roofing grant from the local council:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Universal Credit

If the applicant is disabled and receiving any of the following benefits, they may be able to qualify for a council grant for having their roof replaced or repaired (as the case may be):

  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • Mobility Supplement
  • Long-Term Incapacity Benefit
  • Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)

In addition to this, pensioners and individuals with disabilities have a higher chance of being considered eligible to claim a council grant to repair or replace their roofs.

That said, each council has its own rules and regulations regarding the approval of grants for home repairs (including roofing). Therefore, you will need to contact your local council office to confirm whether or not you qualify for a council grant for the roofing of your house.

How Much Can You Claim With A Council Grant For The Roofing Of Your House?

If you meet the eligibility criteria and qualify for a roofing grant, the maximum amount you can receive is currently £5,000 over a three-year period. 

However, it is important to note that you will be responsible for arranging the work yourself. This includes hiring a qualified roofing contractor and obtaining necessary permissions, such as planning permission or building regulation approvals.

Regardless of whether you need a complete roof replacement or minor repairs, it is advisable to compare quotes from different companies. This can not only save you money but also ensure that you hire a reputable and qualified professional.

What Should You Do If You Don’t Qualify For A Council Grant For Roofing Of Your House?

If you do not qualify for a grant or if the work is deemed unnecessary, you may need to consider other financing options. Local authorities might not have funding available for this type of grant, making it important to explore alternative avenues. 

In such cases, obtaining quotes from local roofing contractors can help you plan and budget for the required repairs. Additionally, some contractors may be aware of local grants or financing partnerships that can assist with the cost.

In some cases, it may be advisable to consider fixing those parts of your roof that require repair or replacement. This should not cost you more than £300 and can prevent further damage to your roof until you are able to arrange funds for a complete repair or replacement.

If you are interested in attaining quotes from contractors for a cost estimate of the roofing of your house, you can consider Bark or Roof Costs and get your quote online. 


Obtaining a grant for roof replacement is possible, but it involves meeting specific criteria and navigating potential funding limitations. Individuals who are vulnerable, have roofs significantly impacting their living conditions or are on benefits have a higher chance of approval. However, even if a grant is not available, exploring alternative financing options and discussing your situation with a local roofer can provide valuable insights and potential solutions. Ultimately, pursuing grants or considering other options can help alleviate the financial burden of roof repairs or replacements.


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