Can You Claim Benefits If You Have Prostate Cancer?

There are certain medical conditions that will qualify a patient for benefits. This is the reason why we will explore through the content of this blog post to learn whether or not someone suffering from prostate cancer can claim benefits. If the answer to this is yes, we will discuss the benefits that a cancer patient can claim as well as the way to go about it.

Can You Claim Benefits If You Have Prostate Cancer?

Yes, depending on your health condition, you may be able to claim benefits if you have prostate cancer. However, if the prostate cancer of a patient is caught early and responds to treatment, they will not be eligible for benefits. 

On the other hand, if a cancer patient experiences symptoms, receives treatments, and is faced with certain complications that severely disrupt their capacity to function normally daily, they can claim certain benefits to support them with increased living expenses as a result of their medical condition.

For instance, if someone has prostate cancer and they intend to claim Personal Independence Payment, they will only be eligible if their health condition is significantly affecting their ability to live on their own. This is usually the case when cancer has reached a mature stage or when the claimant is challenged with mobility. 

Benefits that a patient suffering from prostate cancer can claim, include the following:

  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) 
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) 
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)

If someone is fighting cancer and is looking for financial help through state benefits, they can consider the following options to seek advice:

  • a social worker who works with a hospital or in a community
  • a welfare rights adviser at a hospital
  • the department of Citizens Advice Bureau
  • the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

In some cases, you can get disability benefits for prostate cancer. For instance, recurrent cancer can automatically qualify a patient for disability benefits under most of the cancer listings, including prostate cancer.

In addition to benefits, if someone is suffering from cancer, they can also apply for financial support through grants and charities.

For instance, if you are on a low income (less than £6,000), you can seek help in the form of a one-off payment from the Macmillan Cancer Support grant to help you with living costs.

Then there is the Turn2us national charity in the UK, which can only help you find funding but can also advise you on the benefits a cancer patient can claim from the DWP.

Which Benefits Can You Claim If You Have Prostate Cancer?

If someone is suffering from prostate cancer, they can claim the following benefits:

  • Employment and Support Allowance 
  • Personal Independence Payment 
  • Disability Living Allowance 
  • Attendance Allowance

Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment are state benefits that intend to cover the additional costs of disability for claimants. PIP has recently replaced DLA and has two parts; the daily living component and the mobility component. These are further subdivided into two rates; which are standard and enhanced.

If someone is unable to work due to a health condition or disability (termed as “limited capability for work”), they may also claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). You can claim ESA and PIP at the same time; should you qualify to meet the conditions for both benefits. If a disabled adult is employed and unable to work, they may claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from their employer for 28 weeks.

Attendance Allowance is a tax-free state benefit applicable to those individuals who have surpassed the state pension age and require supervision due to their health condition. It is aimed at providing a monthly allowance to those individuals who need assistance with meeting the extra costs of a disability or the support of a carer.

In some cases, a patient suffering from prostate cancer may be able to apply for Blue Badge to get driving and parking concessions due to their limited mobility or inability to walk. To qualify for a Blue Badge, the claimant should be able to prove either of the following:

  • The claimant receives a higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioner’s Mobility supplement
  • The claimant is registered with a substantial and permanent disability
  • The claimant gets a Personal Independence Payment with an eligible descriptor of the mobility component
  • The claimant has a terminal illness that interferes with their ability to walk

How Can You Claim Attendance Allowance If You Have Prostate Cancer?

To claim Attendance Allowance, claimants must: 

  • be under State Pension Age 
  • require help with washing themselves, getting dressed, or need to be monitored to remain safe during the day or night
  • be faced with a physical or mental illness, disability, or terminal illness that increases the requirement of being supervised or being taken care of by someone else
  • be in England at the time of making the claim and must have lived in England for at least 2 of the previous 3 years

If you need to apply for a claim, you must fill out the Attendance Allowance claim form and send it to Freepost DWP Attendance Allowance (there is no requirement for a postcode or stamp).

Can You Claim Disability If You Have Prostate Cancer?

Yes, individuals who have prostate cancer can claim disability or get themselves registered as disabled. According to Section 6 of the Equality Act 2010, an individual is registered disabled if they face the following conditions:

  • an individual is physically or mentally impaired
  • the impact of the impairment is (a) substantial and (b) long-term for them to carry out everyday routine tasks 

Some medical impairments are immediately considered a disability. These include if someone is suffering from cancer.

If an individual is registered disabled, they will not be able to claim benefits automatically and will have to apply for benefits that they are eligible for. Claimants will also have to provide evidence to support their claims.

In certain cases, disabled adults will be able to claim Universal Credit due to their limited capability for work.


The discussion in this article brings us to the conclusion that a patient with prostate cancer can claim Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance to help them with the increased cost of living that they experience as a result of their medical condition. In addition to this, cancer patients can also apply for grants and loans through charities to attain the maximum possible support when they are on a low income and medically unwell.

FAQs: Can You Claim Benefits If You Have Prostate Cancer?

Can you get PIP for prostate cancer?

Yes, you can claim PIP for prostate cancer if your situation makes it difficult for you to live independently.

Can I get a blue badge if I have prostate cancer?

While one cannot automatically claim a Blue Badge if they suffer from cancer; however, if they have evidence to prove that they face difficulty in walking due to their condition, they can apply for one.

Does prostate cancer count as a disability?

Yes, under the Equality Act, prostate cancer counts as a disability. This means that even after recovering from the condition, the individual will remain protected against discrimination.

Do you get money from the government if you have cancer?

There is no guarantee that each patient who is suffering from cancer will qualify for government support; however, one can get help for housing and living expenses. This is in addition to the state benefits that you may qualify for.

Can you get a council tax reduction if you have cancer?

Depending on your condition and circumstances, you may be able to get a council tax reduction if you have cancer. However, this does not mean that each cancer patient will be eligible for the benefit.


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