Can T-mobile iPhone work on MetroPCS?

This blog post will provide you with detailed information about using a  T-Mobile iPhone on MetroPCS. It covers topics like, Is it worth switching to Metro?, prerequisites for switching to Metro, unlocking procedures, and steps to switch to Metro PCS. 

Can T-mobile iPhone work on MetroPCS?

Yes, the T-mobile iPhone works on the Metro PCS phone, provided that the iPhone is unlocked. Both Metro PCS and T-mobile use the same network and operate at the same frequency. So ideally, you can use Metro PCS phones on T-Mobile without affecting the speed and quality of service.

 Basics of the T-mobile 

T-Mobile is the 3rd-largest wireless network provider in the USA. T-Mobile is a German telecommunication industry and it has some investments in other mobile communication industries in the United States.

T-Mobile USA has a network sharing agreement with Cingular Wireless, an American mobile operator. Due to this, T- mobile has access to some top markets in the USA

Is T-mobile GSM or CDMA?  

T-mobiles is a GSM network carrier and not a CDMA network carrier. GSM stands for global system for mobile, and it is second-generation cellular technology. T-mobile is a GSM network carrier used for mobile voice and data services

What is a  Metro pcs?

MetroPCS is simply known as Metro. It is a prepaid mobile service provider. But the brand of the metro is owned by T- mobile.

 Earlier it was the 5th largest mobile network in the USA and it was using code-division multiple access (CDMA). In 2015, all customers using the MetroPCS CDMA network were migrated to their LTE network. 

At that time T-Mobile had about 32 million subscribers and MetroPCS had around 9 million subscribers. In 2018, T-Mobile relaunched the new brand as Metro by T-Mobile. 

When the name was changed; T- mobile subscribers had increased to 75 million and Metro’s mobile subscribers to 18 million. Nowadays Metro PCS is simply known as Metro by T-Mobile. 

Metro ( formerly MetroPCS)  offers almost the same features as that of T- mobile, at lower prices. It makes use of T-Mobile’s network. It is a prepaid service provider. Subscribers can avail a range of plans to match the budgets and the specific needs. 

Is MetroPCS GSM or CDMA?

Metro PCS is owned by T-Mobile. It makes use of  T-mobile’s network. Since T-Mobile is a GSM network carrier, Metro is also a GSM network carrier. This is a very important factor because of which one can easily switch from T-Mobile to Metro. 

Is Metro the same as T-mobile?

T-Mobile and Metro are not the same. Both are owned by the same telecom industry and both use the same network. T-Mobile is a postpaid service provider and uses its towers. Metro is a prepaid mobile service provider.

Even the plans, customer care service, phones, promotion, and benefits remain separate for both the companies. Both the companies will send their devices separately as well. But the brand of the metro is owned by T- mobile and it uses T-Mobile’s towers. 

Key features of Metro pcs

  • Many plans offered by the metro PCS are cheaper than corresponding T-Mobile plans.
  •  Availability of a large variety of plans at affordable prices.
  •  Some data-saving features prevent you from overages.
  •  Offers a variety of budget phones.

Why Should I use MetroPCS over T-mobile iPhone?

  • MetroPCS offers almost the same features as that of T- mobile, at lower prices.
  •  It is a prepaid service provider. 
  • Subscribers can avail a range of plans to match the budgets and needs.
  • Many plans offered by the metro PCS are cheaper than corresponding  T-Mobile plans.
  • Some data-saving features of Metro PCS prevent you from overages. 

Steps to use T-mobile iPhone on MetroPCS

  • Check that your iPhone is unlocked and compatible with Metro. 
  • Select MetroPCS plan. 
  • Get the new SIM card and activate it. 
  • If you want to continue your existing phone number then inform the MetroPCS representative. 
  • Finally, insert a SIM card into your phone device. 

Is there any initial cost to switch to Metro? 

If you are switching to Metro from any other network carrier then initially you will need to pay $10 SIM card fees. Along with this, you will have to pay for the phone plan which you have selected for Metro. Metro includes all taxes and fees in their monthly plan. 

Eligibility criteria to unlock T-mobile iPhones

One can unlock T-mobile iPhone devices, provided that the following criteria are satisfied.

  • The cell phone must be sold by T-mobile.
  • The cell phone should not be reported as blocked or lost.
  •  An account concerned with the device must be active.
  • Depending upon prepaid or postpaid plans, the device should satisfy all necessary unlock requirements.
  •  You cannot unlock more than two lines in a year.
  • All your bills must be clear.

What do you mean by unlocked iPhone?


The primary reason cell phones are locked is to keep users under contract. For example, if you are an AT&T Mobile user, you will contract with an AT&T Mobile wireless carrier. Under the contract, if you purchase a new i-phone, the cost of the i-phone will be broken up, and it will be added into a two or three-year contract.

This cost will be divided into EMIs, and it will be adjusted into the monthly bill. It will be in addition to service charges. Under such circumstances, the phone will be locked with AT&T Mobile wireless carrier.

If you wish to change the carrier, you should request unlocking your cell phone. You are generally unlocking the phone means you will have to pay extra to remain out of the contract.

Types of unlocked iPhones 

Generally, there are three types of unlocked iPhones.

  • iCloud unlocked
  • Carrier unlocked
  • Factory unlocked

iCloud unlocked

In this case, the original user has not reported the iPhone as a lost or stolen device. 

Carrier unlocked

Here the iPhone was locked to some network carrier. But it was unlocked so the user can shift to another network carrier.

 Factory unlocked

The iPhone was purchased as an unlocked device, so users can use it easily on another carrier

How can you unlock an iPhone on T-Mobile?

  •  First, check whether you have satisfied all eligibility criteria.
  •  Then contact T-Mobile customer support to submit a form for unlocking your device.
  •  Once you unlock your Device, T-Mobile’s site provides a guide for using your phone with other network carriers.
  •   First, check whether you are connected to the internet or T- mobile network.
  •  Go to your setting App and follow the steps on your Device. 

How to unlock iPhone devices manually? 

You can also unlock different phones manually. Especially for LG devices, AT&T doesn’t allow you to unlock the phone. In such cases, a manual method is used.

Following are the steps to unlock different phone devices manually. 

You can use the back and erase method to unlock your iPhone device. 

  • Firstly, create a backup of your phone in iCloud. 
  • Erase the phone device. 
  • Restore the device using backup files. 

Unlocking iPhone using iTunes 

Even after satisfying all eligibility criteria, it may happen that your iPhone is still not unlocked. In this case, use the following steps to unlock the iPhone using iTunes. 

  • First, complete the iTunes backup. 
  • Reset your iPhone. 
  • Once the welcome screen gets opened, reinstall the backup files by connecting the iPhone to iTunes. 
  • Try this using Unlock features. 

How to check whether an iPhone is already unlocked?

For the iPhone, make use of the following steps to check whether your phone is unlocked or not. 

  • Go to the “settings” and click on the “connections” option. 
  • Select mobile network. 
  • Select “network operator”. 
  • Click on the “search now” option. 

Prerequisites for transferring the number from other wireless carriers to Metro 

To transfer the current phone number from other wireless carriers to Metro, the following prerequisites should be satisfied.

  • Gather your current network account information that includes your account number, password or PIN, and Billing zip code.
  • The current phone number must be active.
  • If the phone number is deactive, then it must be activated again to transfer to Metro.
  • The information for port-out requests sent by Metro must match with information already stored in the system of your current network carrier. 

How to use MetroPCS’s “Bring your Own device” service?

Bring your own device is a very easy and straightforward service that lets the users get their own device and switch to MetroPCS network service. By taking help from customer care service, you can easily switch to Metro by T-Mobile by using this service.

All the devices working on GSM technology and compatible with T-Mobile can be used on the MetroPCS network as Metro has merged with T-Mobile. CDMA phones will not work with MetroPCS.

Step1: Confirm the compatibility of your device

When planning to switch to MetroPCS make sure your device works on GSM and Is compatible with MetroPCS, you do have a Metro compatibility checker option, which makes the job easy. You just need your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) which is to be entered to confirm the compatibility.

Step 2: Make sure the device is unlocked

If your device is compatible, you need to ensure it is unlocked if not contact your previous carrier and get it unlocked which is a very simple process if you have no dues and if your device is eligible.

Step 3: Buy the MetroPCS (Metro by T-Mobile) SIM card

Now to buy the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) you can visit the Metro by T-Mobile (MetroPCS) store or you can get it online.

Step 4: Select a Metro plan

Metro offers a lot of Bring your own device plans, depending on the type of usage and type of connection you can choose a suitable and affordable plan for your device.

Step 5: Activate your plan

After finalizing the plan, get it activated by making the payment and switching the previous SIM with the new Metro SIM.

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This blog post addressed the topic, “Can T-mobile iPhone work on MetroPCS?”We understood that if a T-mobile iPhone is unlocked and compatible then it can be used on MetroPCS. This article outlined the unlocking steps for T-mobile iPhones. It also covered the “Bring your own phone” service of MetroPCS.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): Can T-mobile iPhone work on MetroPCS?

Is MetroPCS GSM or CDMA?

Metro PCS is owned by T-Mobile. It makes use of  T-mobile’s network. Since T-Mobile is a GSM network carrier, Metro is also a GSM network carrier. This is an important factor because of which one can easily use t mobile sim card on Metro phones

How to check the IMEI number of iPhones? 

  • Go to Settings > General, then About.


  • On the dial pad screen, press *#06#, and you will see the IMEI. 
  • Some phones require you to press the send key after the code

Is it possible to use a CDMA iPhone with Metro PCS?

The network Carriers Sprint, and Verizon make use of CDMA. Since there is no slot for GSM cards, these iPhones cannot be directly used with Metro PCS. 

But you can flash the phone then it will be compatible with Metro PCS. The term flashing is related to reprogramming the phone.

 It is similar to unlocking a GSM device. The flashing is used for CDMA devices. But flashing the phone is a third-party operation. 

Do both Metro PCS and T-mobile have the same network coverage?

Metro PCS makes use of the network of T-Mobile. Ultimately you can avail yourself of the same advantage of network coverage as that of T- mobile subscribers. But in case of network congestion, whenever there is heavy traffic, more priority is given to the T-mobile subscribers.

Is metro PCS a postpaid service?

Metro PCS is simply known as Metro.

It is a prepaid mobile service provider. But the brand of the metro is owned by T mobile.

Will T- mobile phone work on Metro PCS?

Yes, T- mobile phone works on Metro PCS but the phone should be unlocked.


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