Can I Report My Neighbours For Rats?

A rat infestation is not only unhygienic but also a matter of serious worry due to the environmental health concerns that come with it. This is the reason why we aim to learn through this blog’s content whether or not someone can report their neighbour for rats. Additionally, we will also explore how to manage such a concern and also discuss where the responsibility lies when it comes to rat control in a neighbourhood.

Can I Report My Neighbours For Rats?

Yes, you can and should report your neighbours to the council authorities for rats as a pest infestation by them does not only lead to an unhygienic and unhealthy environment but can be the cause of severe diseases as well. 

You can place a phone call to your local council office to inform them of a rat problem as this is a matter of urgent attention. On the other hand, you also use their website to establish contact by filling up an online complaint form or sending an email.

However, it may be best to first discuss the problem with your neighbour as it is a possibility that they are aware of the problem and are making attempts to resolve it.

If your discussion with your neighbour does not prove to be fruitful, the rat infestation continues to persist or they refuse to take ownership of the problem, you can then contact the local council office and report your neighbour. 

Your complaint will be registered anonymously by the council but you will be required to share maximum details and perhaps some photos of the situation as supportive evidence. Council authorities can only be expected to extend support for pest infestations and cannot be held accountable. 

Once you inform your local council of the pest infestation, their environmental health team will visit your home and conduct a survey of the situation. They will then discuss the treatment with you and proceed with spraying insecticide on the affected areas. Once they are done, they will advise you on how to prevent bed bugs in the future. 

What Can I Do Other Than Reporting My Neighbour For Rats?

Before doing anything or even reporting your neighbour for the rat infestation, firstly, you need to be sure that it is indeed your neighbour who is responsible. You can do this by checking if there are rats surrounding their front door entrance, their garden or their garbage disposal area. 

Only once you are sure that it is your neighbours who are responsible for the rat infestation, you should go and talk to them politely without appearing to accuse them or demand immediate action. You can suggest a solution to them in a friendly manner and observe for the next few days if they take any action.

In the meanwhile check your own property to see if there are any holes or entry points through which the rats could possibly enter your home and seal them off. If you have a garden, it is best to keep the grass trimmed and the garden area free of rubbish.

Whether or not your neighbour takes any action for rat control, if the pests have entered your home during this time, you should not wait for your neighbour to initiate pest control and seek professional help.

As for your neighbour, if they fail to take any action, as a last resort, you should report them to your local council authorities.

Is The Council Responsible For Rat Control?

The council is responsible for rat control in cases where the infestation is in the communal area of a multi-dwelling property. While they can guide tenants on how to tackle a rat infestation within their homes, councils are not responsible to execute the rat control services or bear its expense.

If you live in a council house, pest control in the surrounding areas of the council remains the responsibility of the council itself. However, pest management within the household depends upon your situation. 

While councils are not committed to providing pest control services, you should inform them of such a situation and seek their guidance on how to proceed with its management. In some cases, councils may be able to connect you to reliable and affordable pest management providers. In exceptional cases, they may be able to manage the expense as well. It is advisable to report a pest problem to your council office as soon as you detect it.

Is Rat Control The Responsibility Of The Tenant Or The Landlord?

If you are a private tenant, it depends upon your tenancy agreement whether the liability for pest/rodent control falls upon the landlord or the tenant. In most cases, landlords are responsible for paying the bill for pest control services while the tenant is expected to make the necessary arrangements for its process. 

If you are a social housing tenant, the responsibility for pest/rodent control will also depend on your tenancy agreement. If the landlord has clearly taken responsibility for its management, they will pay for the expense; expecting the tenant to be available and responsible for the execution of the service.

However, if the pest control situation arises due to any action of the tenant or due to neglect by them, tenants may be required to pay the bill for such services; the cost of which can vary between hundreds of pounds. For perspective, rodent control can cost anywhere between 

£ 100 to £ 350 per visit (in extreme cases retreatment may be required). The actual figure depends upon the size of the premises to be attended to as well as how far reached the problem is.


The above discussion reiterates how a rat control problem should best be dealt with when a neighbour is involved.  Reporting to the council should ideally be done when your neighbour fails to cooperate or take any action against the pest infestation. In addition to this, the complainant should be sure that it is indeed their neighbour who has been the cause of the infestation. This is why it is best to gather evidence in the form of photographs when one is about to complain to the authorities.

FAQs: Can I Report My Neighbours For Rats?

What can I do if my neighbour has rats?

If your neighbour has rats and is not aware of the infestation, you should talk to them politely and see if they make an effort to get the problem resolved. If they do not appear to do anything about pest control, you should report them to the council authorities for immediate action.

Do councils get rid of rats?

Councils can help with getting rid of rats. However, they are mainly responsible for managing this pest issue in communal areas. If someone has rats in their home, the council can arrange for pest control services but the resident will have to foot the bill.

Should I be worried if I see a rat in my garden?

Yes, seeing a rat is a matter of worry whether they are in your home, your garden or the neighbourhood as rats can not only cause damage to property but are also responsible for serious diseases.

Can you get rid of rats permanently?

While there is no guarantee to these methods, however, keeping trash bins covered, surrounding your garden with mouse traps or alternate methods such as using peppermint oil in affected areas may help to minimise the presence of rats.

How long does it take to get rats out of your house?

If you are using rat poison, it may take between 3 days to a week to get rid of the rats. However, if you plan to trap them by using food as bait, it may take a bit longer.


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