Can I Get Grants For Furniture And Carpets In Scotland?

Grants are a form of financial support extended towards individuals faced with financial hardship to help them during a difficult time without placing an obligation of returning the amount, unlike loans. The aim of this blog post is to learn whether someone can apply for a grant for furniture and carpets in Scotland. We will also explore the eligibility criteria, application process as well as inapplicable situations in this regard.

Can I Get Grants For Furniture And Carpets In Scotland?

Yes, you can apply for a Community Care Grant in Scotland for furniture and carpets if you are:

  • more than 16 years of age
  • on low income
  • claiming specific benefits such as Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Universal Credit or Pension Credit

In addition to furniture and carpets, a Community Care Grant can also help with the following expenses:

  • household equipment such as a cooker, fridge or washing machine
  • installation charges for household equipment
  • connection charges for electricity and gas
  • repair of broken or faulty household items
  • removal costs
  • storage charges
  • travel expenses

However, a Community Care Grant will not cover the following expenses:

  • any expenses that incur outside the UK
  • the cost of school uniforms, meals and commute to and from the school
  • housing costs
  • medical costs
  • debts
  • vacation and holidays
  • any other expense that is already covered under the Best Start Grant or Funeral Support Payment

If you are an applicant who is below state pension age with savings of more than £700 or someone who is above state pension age with more than £1200 in savings, you will not be eligible for a Community Care Grant in Scotland. 

In addition to this, you can also seek direct help through your council’s Welfare Assistance Program through which the council authorities provide grants, household items or interest-free loans to tenants in their area.

Another option is to ask your landlord if they can provide furniture and carpets; especially if you are a social housing tenant. While most properties are unfurnished, landlords can sometimes arrange pre-loved or discounted household items including furniture and carpets for their tenants.

If you are looking for charities, Glasspool Trust provides financial assistance in the form of grants to families in hardship. Their services extend all over the UK. However, due to limited funds, they will be able to help families facing an urgent need first. Other notable charities to seek help from include Buttle UK, Gregg’s Foundation and Turn2us. 

Which Situations Does A Grant In Scotland Provide For?

The purpose of a Community Care Grant is to help individuals in the following situations:

  • Establish themselves in the community after being taken care of in a hospital, care home or a correctional institution (for a minimum period of three months).
  • Continue living in the community rather than going back into care while maintaining your physical and mental health.
  • Staying in your home despite excessive domestic pressure such as a chronic illness or disability of a family member. 
  • A relationship breakdown due to which you need to move house.
  • To provide care for someone on release from a correctional institution.

Even though the list covers varied circumstances, even if you don’t fall into any of these you may want to consider applying for a Community Care Grant in Scotland as your situation may be considered by the authorities as eligible and you can possibly receive financial support from the authorities.

How Can I Apply For A Community Care Grant In Scotland?

To apply for a Community Care Gant in Scotland, you need to check whether your local council authority accepts any of the following modes of application:

  • phonecall
  • online
  • postal service
  • face to face interview

Once your application is received by the local council, it is assessed by them with a priority band of either high, medium or low assigned to it. This decision is made by considering the following factors:

  • the consequences you may face if you are unable to receive the grant
  • how vulnerable your situation is
  • how serious your circumstances are for the need for a grant


The discussion in this article brings us to the conclusion that in order to attain a grant for furniture and carpets in Scotland, you would need to apply for a Community Care Grant through your local council office. However, you must be above 16 years of age and on low income to be considered eligible. Once your application is received by the authorities, you will be assigned a priority band; on the basis of which the grant will be assigned.

FAQs: Can I Get Grants For Furniture And Carpets In Scotland?

Can I get funding for carpets?

Yes, you can get funding for carpets through your local council. In addition to this, you can also apply for funding for furniture, white goods and household equipment.

What grants are available in Scotland?

Some of the grants available in Scotland are the Best Start Grant and Best Start Food, Child Winter Heating Assistance, Funeral Support Payment, Scottish Welfare Fund and Self-Isolation Support Grant.

Who is eligible for a Community Care Grant?

If someone is trying to make a place for themselves in the community after spending time in a hospital, correctional institution or in homelessness and they need financial support for this, they will be considered eligible for a Community Care Grant.

Can I get a Community Care Grant on Universal Credit?

The Department for Work and Pensions no longer deals with Community Care Grants. Therefore, if you are on Universal Credit you may need to apply for a Budgeting Advance through the DWP. If you claim any other benefits, you can apply for a Budgeting Loan.

Can I get a grant for a sofa?

Yes, you can get a grant for a sofa if you apply for a Community Care Grant through your local council office. You can also find pre-loved items through local charities or hardship fund schemes recommended by your council.


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