Can I Add Someone To My Council Tax Bill Online?

This blog answers the question “Can I Add Someone To My Council Tax Bill Online?” It mentions the kinds of people moving into your property who can be added online. You must remember the details of your council tax account to make these changes online. 

Can I Add Someone To My Council Tax Bill Online?

Yes, you can add occupants to your council tax bill online but cannot convert your online tax account (which is only in a single person’s name ) to multiple user access. Your council tax account can only be created on an individual basis and there cannot be more than 2 users being billed for council tax at the same address.

For people moving into your property, you need to inform council tax of their name, the date on which they are moving in, their previous address, and if they are a joint tenant of the property or the co-owner.

If you are the new owner of a property and you have been added to the bill as such, you will need to enter your current address (including postcode), the address of the property that you will be moving into, the date of completion of the sale of the property, your bank details and the full names of all your property’s occupants (aged above 18 years)

You can inform your council up to 28 days in advance before moving into your new home. 

You will need an email address to use as your login for accessing your tax bill online..

It is very important to timely add occupants to your residence’s council tax bill to inform the authorities if you will not be eligible for benefits such as the single person discount. Occupants of a property who are not co-owners cannot be named on a council tax bill.

You cannot add residents to your council tax who are under 18. Children whose parents own the property will not be mentioned by name on the council tax bill, even if they are aged over 18 years.

Adding occupants that are severely mentally impaired will enable you to claim a council tax reduction of up to 50%. You must provide ample evidence reporting their condition to apply for this tax benefit. The names of these mentally impaired occupants cannot be mentioned on the tax bill.

If you add full-time students to your council tax bill you may also be liable for getting a tax reduction.

Similarly adding a care provider to your council tax bill online will also help you to avail a council tax reduction on your billed amount.

The income, savings, and employment details of persons moving into your property must also be entered online. 

How do I add my partner to my council tax bill?

To add your partner to your council tax bill online you will need to provide a scanned copy of your marriage certificate. You can also provide a copy of proof of joint ownership such as a mortgage statement.

Who pays council tax if both owners die simultaneously?

The property becomes exempt from council tax in this case. It is considered as vacant property until a new owner moves in. If both are ill or have medical expenses that are being charged, they still have to pay council tax. 

If both the occupants of the property are pension age, or on Guaranteed Pension Credit, their tax benefits will help to cover the cost of paying council tax. The exemption from council tax applies once both are deceased (from that month)

What are the council tax benefits offered to persons with disabilities who move in with me?

The following council tax benefits are offered to dependent disabled children, parents of disabled residents, or military disability claimants:

A council tax reduction is offered to the following kinds of occupants moving into a property:


  • Holders of a veteran’s card, eligible to an army independence payment or recipient of the war pensions scheme aged over 74 on 31 December 2015, or a spouse (one half share).
  • A dependent disabled child (regardless of age if unable to support him or herself) receiving the disability living allowance at the highest rate
  • A disabled child who has reached the age of 18 years and is married or has a family to support may apply to be attached to his or her parents’ household (provided that he or she is also claiming a benefit such as the Child Benefit ). The council tax reduction, in this case, can also be replaced by an allowance of £5,732 on taxable income.

Finally, it is possible to deduct a maintenance allowance of £5,732 or £11,464 (child with or without dependents) if the child is taxed separately.

What are the taxable income allowances for disabled persons?


In terms of taxation and disability, when a disabled person receives taxable income, this income may benefit from a special allowance and standard allowances. This allowance is intended for people who receive a disability living allowance or have an access card

The amount varies according to taxable income. It is £2,348 if the taxpayer’s overall net income does not exceed £14,730, and £1,174 if this income is between £14,731 and £23,730. This allowance is doubled if the spouse or civil partner also meets these conditions.

How much of a tax reduction can I get on the costs of hiring a care provider to look after the pension-age residents on my property?

Amounts paid for personal services rendered in the home are eligible for a tax reduction or tax credit at a rate of 50% up to a limit of £12,000 plus £1,500 per dependent child, per member of the tax household aged over 65 (or per ascendant aged over 65) who may benefit from the Carer’s Allowance

This ceiling may not exceed £15,000. The deduction ceiling is £20,000

  •  if a member of the tax household holds an access card
  •  for a 3rd category Disability Living Allowance
  •  or if he or she receives a special education allowance supplement for one of the dependent children.

The remuneration of home care may also be exempt from the employer’s social security contributions for sickness, old age, and family allowances when the employers are :

  • Persons aged at least 65 years (Pension Age taxpayers)
  • holding an access card
  • or obliged to rely on the assistance of a third party to carry out the ordinary acts of life
  • Persons with a dependent child who are entitled to the supplement to the disabled child’s education allowance 
  • Claiming the Disabled Persons Allowance, an increase for a third party or a supplementary benefit for a third party
  • Beneficiaries of the Carer’s Allowance
  • Persons aged 70 or over or their spouses also aged 70 or over.

Is there any tax reduction offered to fund expenses for the accommodation of seniors in a nursing home or retirement home?

If a council taxpayer (or a member of his or her household) resides in an establishment for dependent persons (retirement home, home for the elderly, nursing home, etc.), he or she may benefit from a tax reduction of 25% of the expenses, up to a limit of £10,000 per person accommodated.

 The reduction applies to dependency and accommodation costs (accommodation and food) actually incurred during the year, after deduction of any allowances and aid that may have been paid.

Is there a tax reduction granted for expenses related to the purchase of equipment specially designed to care for the disabled residents living with me?

 Yes, a tax credit (known as the Disabled Person’s Allowance) is granted for expenditure on the installation and replacement of equipment specially designed for the elderly and disabled living on your property(or moving in with you). It applies to an owner or tenant, whether the property is new or old. 

The equipment eligible for the tax credit is limited to sanitary equipment and safety and accessibility equipment. In order to benefit from the tax credit, this equipment must be installed by a professional.

The credit is equal to 25% of the expenditure incurred (the price of the equipment and labour including VAT), up to a limit of £5,000 for a single, widowed, or divorced person and £10,000 for a married or civil union couple. This ceiling is increased by £400 per dependent. 

What are the guardianship costs of disabled persons?

The costs incurred in managing the income from the assets of adults placed under guardianship or trusteeship which constitute expenses incurred with a view to acquiring this income are deductible from income tax. 

These are therefore the fees paid directly to

 the legal representative and the costs incurred by the latter and re-billed to the protected adult. These costs are charged proportionally to the various types of income of the protected person.


This blog post answered the question “Can I Add Someone To My Council Tax Bill Online?” You can add someone to your council tax bill online by entering your login details, which have your council tax account number or email address as the ID. Your postal code may also be required to select your council. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Can I Add Someone To My Council Tax Bill Online?

What if all the residents on a property are certified as severely mentally impaired?

If all the residents of a property are severely mentally impaired, the residence qualifies for a 100% tax reduction. It counts as the same if the owner of a property is severely mentally impaired.

I was claiming Pension Credit or Housing Benefit before 15 May 2019. Am I affected by the changes to couples’ benefits?

If your circumstances have changed it could affect your council tax reduction claim. These changes include:

  • A change of address to a different council
  • Going abroad for more than 4 weeks
  • A change in the level of savings you have
  • If you stop claiming a council tax benefit that helps you qualify for State Pension Credit or Housing Benefit
  • Getting separated from your spouse and sometime later again remarrying them

In the above-mentioned changes to your circumstances, you will have to claim Universal Credit instead of State Pension Credit or Housing Benefit. These circumstances accept the change in your level of savings will still keep you eligible for Guaranteed Pension Credit if you are eligible for it.

Am I eligible for the disability living allowance?

You can claim the disability living allowance if you meet any of these 2 conditions:

  • You were born before 8 April 1948 and are already claiming the DLA
  • If you are claiming the Disability Living Allowance on behalf of a person under the age of 16


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