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How our Build Credit plan works

Get your free credit score and report

We believe your financial wellbeing depends so much on your credit score and history. We give you a full picture of your credit report and history, your credit score, any open accounts you have, your repayment history on credit
products and any credit searches, which could help protect you from being a victim of identity theft.

Know your credit score

See what’s pulling your credit score down and what may have affected your credit score. And then see what habits you could adapt to push it back up.

Improve your Credit score and history

Get actionable insights on how to improve your credit score and build a better credit history. We don’t just give you vague recommendations but insights in line with any Huuti plans you are currently on and any accounts you have
which are contributing to your credit score.

Are you trying to get on the property ladder?

Great! We will inform you what the minimum credit score you may need is.

Are you trying to buy a car through the use of credit(i.e car finance)? Then, we will let you know what score you may need to be eligible
for car finance at a fair rate.

Improve your credit history as you rent

We will help you build your credit history by reporting your rental payments to the credit bureau.

Paying your rent on time will leave a positive mark on your credit file which may in turn increase your credit score
and give you access to much fairer credit products.

To report your rent payments with Huuti, just sign up and let us know you want to report your rent payments.

Simulate how your choices affect your credit score

If it’s looking like you can’t make a monthly repayment or you are wondering what your credit score could look like if you hadn’t missed those payments a few months back or maybe you are interested in what rates you could possibly be eligible for with
different products based on a new credit score and history? Our credit score simulator will answer these questions and allow you to make better financial decisions.

Build your credit score & history as you save

Improve your chances of accessing fairer credit terms by building your credit score and history through a ‘credit-builder loan’. Repay the loan over the loan term and get your money back at the end of the term.

A better credit score and history is good for your financial wellbeing. Whilst a better score and history may not always mean access to fairer or better rates or credit products it certainly increases the likelihood.


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