This blog answers the question “Can I Appeal Against An Apcoa Parking PCN?” Apcoa Parking owns and operates 1400 parking spaces  across the UK. Its parking zones are located in airports, railway stations, city centres and NHS facilities all over the UK. This blog details the 2 levels of appeals you can make against your Apcoa Parking PCN.

Can I Appeal Against An Apcoa Parking PCN?

An Apcoa parking fine can be appealed more easily than a regular civil enforcement officer or CCTV PCN issued by your local council. An Apcoa Parking fine is not a Penalty Charge Notice. It is just a Parking Charge Notice. Apcoa Parking cannot send you a bus lane PCN or a moving traffic PCN because it only owns parking zones and is not responsible for the roads.

You can appeal against an Apcoa Parking PCN through the parking zone’s website and by postal service. Your appeal must reach Apcoa Parking within 28 days for it to be brought forward.It is advisable to pay the parking PCN within 14 days if you are certain that a parking contravention such as exceeding the time limit on your parking permit was actually committed. 

In many cases, PCNs are not enforceable and you may be able to win your case and avoid having to pay your fine.

You could begin the process by speaking to an online solicitor for as little as £5. 

What is Apcoa Parking?

Apcoa Parking is Europe’s oldest parking service management business. It currently manages 225,000 parking spaces in Germany, 96,900 parking spaces in Norway, 61900 parking spaces in Denmark, 48,100 parking spaces in Austria, 42,400 parking spaces in Italy, 12600 parking spaces in Poland. Apcoa Parking operates in 13 European countries at the moment.

Apcoa Parking also operates car parks in the London City Centre, at Birmingham Airport and at Luton Airport in the UK. 

How can I pay my Apcoa Parking PCN ?

You can pay your Apcoa parking PCN online using APCOA’s online portal here You will be asked your Apcoa PCN number and your vehicle registration number so your ticket can be displayed. Next you will have to provide your Mastercard, Direct Debit, Maestro Card or Visa Card details to complete the PCN fine payment. These normally include your name, billing address and contact number.

You can also choose to pay your Apcoa parking PCN by post.  For this you will need to send out a check or postal order payable to “APCOA Parking UK Ltd”  The Apcoa parking ticket fine is usually just £80. Send your letter to the following address:

PO Box 1010,




You also need to mention your PCN number and your vehicle registration number on the check or postal order.

How Do I Pay My Apcoa Parking Heathrow Dropoff PCN?

You need to go to the Apcoa Parking website. Enter your PCN number on the webpage as well as your vehicle registration number. Next you will be required to fill in your credit card details. 

The Heathrow Dropoff PCN fine is £80.

You can also pay the fine by using a check or postal order to APCOA Parking (UK) and send it to the following address:

PO Box 1010,




Apcoa Parking cannot accept fines sent through email and via telephone. So this fine needs to be sent in the mail or through the website within 28 days of getting in the PCN (also allowing a few days extra for postal delays)

Starting from November 2021, Heathrow Airport has started charging a £5 fee for dropping passengers off at the terminal, the only way to avoid getting billed for this charge in the first place is using the free bus transfer to the terminal instead. 

Once your vehicle enters the Heathrow Airport terminal’s drop off areas, it will automatically be billed £5.

So if you have been to Heathrow airport and forgot to pay the £5 fee, you will now be handed a £80 PCN(Parking Charge Notice) from Apcoa parking for failing to pay these charges. 

You might also be served a Parking ticket from Apcoa Parking for violating parking rules at Birmingham Airport and Luton Airport (where it has its own parking spaces).

What is the procedure for launching an appeal against an Apcoa Parking ticket?

Your appeal should contain your PCN Number, vehicle registration number and of course the reasons why you feel you have not broken any parking contraventions.

You must write a carefully worded appeal to your Apcoa parking PCN mentioning the parking violation which you did not commit. Your evidence needs to prove that you had only parked your vehicle in the space for the designated time if that is the parking violation you have been charged with. The other parking contraventions might include bringing your vehicle back into the Apcoa parking zone before the end of the no-entry limit.

You can explain that you did not break this parking zone rule because you brought the vehicle back into the parking bay after the expiry of the “no entry limit” (which may be 1 hour) imposed on your vehicle.

For parking your vehicle within 15 m of a junction, you could have parked it beyond 15m of the junction and were wrongly accused. The vehicle must be actually proven not to be violating these parking rules.

 If you have any evidence in the form of a pay and display ticket, that will help strengthen your case.

To make an appeal against your Apcoa Parking ticket you need to write to the following address:

Apcoa Parking UK Ltd,

PO Box 1010,



Can I Challenge A Heathrow Dropoff PCN from Apcoa Parking?

A Heathrow Dropoff PCN fine is £80. Since November 2021, Heathrow Airport has started charging a £5 fee to drop off passengers at its terminal airport. Apcoa Parking also has a car parking area at the Airport. So if you don’t pay the fee to your parking operator (Apcoa Parking Ltd) you will be given a Heathrow Dropoff PCN.

You cannot challenge the Heathrow Dropoff PCN as it has been issued for non payment of your fee for( your vehicle )accessing its airport terminal. The £5 charge was a compulsory payment and refusing to make it will mean that you have to pay the Dropoff PCN as a penalty.

For which reasons can I appeal against an Apcoa Parking Charge Notice?

You can appeal any Parking PCN issued to you from Apcoa Parking due to the following reasons:

  • Your vehicle did not exceed the time limit on the pay for display ticket and was removed from the Apcoa parking zone before its required time limit ended.
  • Your vehicle’s pay and display ticket was not incorrectly displayed and was clearly visible
  • Your vehicle was actually parked fully within the markings of its designated parking space and an error has been made by Apcoa Parking.
  • Your vehicle did not reenter the parking bay within 1 hour of first leaving the area and actually reentered the space after the passing of its no entry time limit.
  • You did not leave your vehicle’s engine on within a parking space where leaving a vehicle parked like this is not permissible.
  • Your vehicle was not parked in an incorrect parking zone which was actually reserved for other kinds of vehicles like police vehicles.
  • You were handed an overcharged fine for the Parking contravention, a Parking Charge Notice from Apcoa parking can only be of £80.
  • You were handed a fine for stopping on a pedestrian crossing when you did not intentionally pause your vehicle there.

What happens if I don’t pay my Apcoa Parking PCN within 28 days?

If you don’t pay your Apcoa Parking PCN within 28 days, you will be sent a charge certificate from TfL. This charge certificate will increase your PCN fine by 50% so the £80 PCN will now be worth £120. A charge certificate cannot be appealed and has to be paid within 14 days.

If you still choose to delay paying the fine or choose to ignore the charge certificate, you will be sent a Notice of Debt Registration and a witness certificate from Transport for London. The unpaid amount of the traffic certificate will be treated as debt with your local traffic enforcement centre

If I am unsatisfied with the decision of Apcoa Parking on my PCN appeal, what can I do next?

If you are unsatisfied with the decision of Apcoa Parking regarding your PCN appeal you can also appeal to the Parking on Private Land Appeals service (POPLA). This appeal must be made within 28 days of receiving your “Notice of Rejection” from Apcoa Parking.

You will need to fill in a POPLA postal appeals form and send it to the following address:


PO Box 1270,



The letter must mention the 10 digit reference number contained in your Notice of Rejection from Apcoa Parking. 

Your online appeal can be initiated on this web page POPLA Appeal

At POPLA “assessors” or adjudicators of your case will make their final decision based on :

  • The act of legislation your case (traffic contravention) refers to such as the Traffic Management Act 2004
  • The Code of Practice used by The British Parking Association
  • The articles of evidence put forward by Apcoa Parking Ltd and you which are representing opposing viewpoints of the situation.

This POPLA appeals process takes around 6 to 8 weeks to provide a result. You will also be provided with an opportunity to comment on the Parking operator’s (Apcoa Parking) Private Parking Code of Practice, which has resulted in this PCN being issued.

The Parking on Private Land Appeals service will provide you with 7 days to record your comments on Apcoa parking’s Code of Practice if you choose to do so. This is an optional part of the appeals procedure. You need to be careful to use this opportunity to point out any error made by Apcoa Parking in applying the Code of Practice which they have not accepted in your direct appeal.

Once you provide this piece of evidence in the original appeal letter to POPLA, you will be able to further identify the denial of Apcoa Parking from their response to your appeal made now. The comments provided on their Private Parking Code of Practice should clear your case with sufficient evidence of being wrongly convicted by Apcoa Parking.

Once POPLA is satisfied that Apcoa Parking’s case has been refuted outright by your representation of the matter, the adjudicant (or assessor) of your case will probably make the final decision in your case.

This decision will be sent to both you and to Apcoa Parking via email simultaneously. If the decision by POPLA is made in your favour the Apcoa Parking PCN will immediately be cancelled.

If your appeal is rejected by Parking on Private Land Appeals service, you will have to pay the fine within the next 28 days to avoid your case being taken to the debt collection stage by Apcoa Parking.


This blog post addressed the question “Can I appeal against an apcoa parking PCN?” An Apcoa parking PCN is charged on Apcoa parking zones, which are special zones of parking land owned by Apcoa parking. You can appeal against your Apcoa parking PCN or Apcoa Heathrow Dropoff PCN online or through the postal service. If your appeal fails you can then record your challenge against the PCN with the POPLA service which also offers you a chance to comment on the parking operator’s “evidence pack”.

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