In this brief guide, we will discuss the Agricultural mortgage corporation.

Who is the Agricultural mortgage corporation?

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation Plc (AMC) was formed in 1928 under the Agricultural Credits Act, to provide long term mortgages for land and redeveloping farming and rural-based businesses. It was initially owned by the Bank of England but is now owned by the Lloyds bank since 1993. It has been providing its services to the UK market for over 90 years.

In 1928 there was a bit of a crisis as there were way too few people who were able to own land and this was affecting the farming industry in the UK. The agricultural mortgage corporation was formed to tackle this issue. This means more farmers could now own land and limit the possibility of any food shortages in the UK.

A lot of social changes occurred and of course, the world war occurred which forced the government to amplify the importance of farmers being able to access suitable funding for land and for those who were currently renting their land to be able to now buy the farmlands which they rented. This triggered the United Kingdom Government to set up the agricultural mortgage corporation and it was first managed by the Bank of England. 

The Agricultural mortgage corporation provides long term mortgages for land and redeveloping farming and rural-based businesses.

The Agricultural mortgage corporation is now owned by the Lloyds banking group and on their website, they state that it is  “ Built on enabling land purchase, AMC has grown to support expanding equipment, milk quotas, and work on new and refurbished buildings – helping develop a farming business. Modern farming increasingly means investments in irrigation, wind-turbines or bio-fuels, and AMC is on-hand to help with financing the development of the modern rural economy.  “

With the AMC you can borrow from £25001 for between five and 30 years with fixed or variable interest rates.  The mortgages can be used to purchase equipment, purchase farmlands and more.

Some of the benefits of getting a mortgage through the AMC include:

They have competitive rates to other mortgage lenders and do not have any annual renewal fees on Standard Loans

They have specialist knowledge of funding for the agricultural sector

They are very conscious of where the industry is and provides funding which tackles industry challenges.

What is an agricultural mortgage?

An agricultural mortgage is a mortgage which is mainly used to purchase farmland, invest in a farm business or purchase farmland machinery.

Can I get a mortgage on agricultural land?

Yes, you can get a mortgage on agricultural land. These are more commonly known as agricultural mortgages. You can also get an agricultural mortgage which you use to buy farm machinery or goods.

To contact the AMC you should find your local contacts here.

In this brief guide we discussed the agricultural mortgage corporation. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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