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How our Shake off debt plan works

See all your debts

We will show you a full picture of your current debts, their monthly costs, their due dates, their total interest cost and their total costs. We will also show you how much you have left over in disposable income per month which you can put towards your debt repayment goal.

Set your debt repayment strategy

Good debt vs Bad debt? Biggest balance vs highest interest? Choose a debt repayment goal that works for you based on your income and potential savings in interest repayments or fees.

We will show you a beautiful illustration of how each debt repayment strategy should work if you stick to your debt repayment goal. This means when you should expect to be debt free, how much your monthly repayments will likely be and the general features of each debt repayment option.

Pay off your debts

Once you have chosen a debt repayment strategy, we will encourage you to put money away in your debt pot for monthly debt repayments each month.

Improve your affordability

We will help you save on your monthly expenses by recommending cheaper alternatives where possible so you have more money to put away towards your debts.

We will show you insights on how to improve your credit score and history which could help you access credit products with better rates or terms in the future. By borrowing responsibly and only taking on debt you can afford on fair credit terms you should be able to stay out of debt in the future.


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